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Textile & Printing

Fusing Presses,Textile Lamination,Textile Printing & Dyeing,Screen Print Drying

For the drying of textiles, including woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and felts, process belts used to convey products through heated drying ovens. PTFE supplied open mesh conveyor beltss that allow airflow that assists in the drying process. Depending on the process, the amount of water involved, as well as heat, chemicals and other factors, different types of belts (PTFE coated fiberglass or aramid, or polyester) may be specified.

Conveying of Substrate During Digital Printing. Process belts are used to convey and cool non-woven fabrics during the production process.

The process of textile lamination involves the fusing together of two or more layers of material together. The layers are often bonded together with glue, heat and pressure. PTFE Coated Belts are used to convey the fabrics through the lamination process and protect heated platen surfaces from adhesive build-up. Some laminating machine use process belts to protect heated surfaces from adhesion of the partially melted laminate material. For machines with two heated surfaces, top and bottom, two belts are used to aid release once lamination with adhesive has occurred.