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Food,Medical,Paper-Related products manufacturing,packaging,mainly used as wrap,form & fill quipment,

Separating films of PTFE and PTFE/fibreglass fabrics for use in machines for polymer packaging L-sealers, form/fill sealing, wrapping, blister packing, bag welding, etc. 

The packaging foils are welded by applying heat and pressure, whereby they are also separated. During this process, the polymer foil becomes hot and sticky. Separating films (often one-sided adhesive products, tapes with leaders, or with adhesive strips at the sides) are attached to the welding beam for protection. 

L-sealers are generally used together with an Shrinktunnel. After sealing in a tubular foil, the packaged goods are passed through a hot-air tunnel. The conveyor belt can be made of open-meshed PTFE/fibreglass fabric. 

At its entry and exit, the Shrink-tunnel is fitted with curtains of silicone-coated fibreglass, intended to prevent damage to the still-soft shrink wrapping when leaving the tunnel. For the same reason, pressure rollers at the tunnel exit also have a PTFE/fibreglass covering.