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Food Production

PTFE Fabrics serve a wide and growing range of uses across the food industry, from cooking surface protection to multiple packaging applications, and from grains and vegetables to meats, desserts and candy.

Oven Baking - Standard PTFE products are used extensively in normal oven carrying applications where there is no excessivefat or oils or high levels of abrasion within the process. The use of our PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabricsand Belts allows baked foods to be removed easily from the cooking surface and enables easy clean upwhile offering protection of heated surfaces.

Baking Sheet/Tray Liners - Useful in both commercial operations and domestic kitchens, PTFE Coated Fiberglass baking tray linersare a safe way to improve baking efficiency. They release dough based products cleanly, enabling fasterturnover time and reducing the time needed for clean-up. The PTFE coating withstands the high temperaturesof baking ovens (up to 287°C / 550°F).

The advantage over metal baking sheets coated with PTFE is reduced down-time and cost. When thecoating on metal sheets becomes worn, the sheets have to be taken out-of-service and sent out for recoating.Or they have to be replaced. Re-coating usually requiring 2-5 days out-of-service. Because ofthis, bakeries tend to purchase and maintain more trays than necessary.

Fat Frying (Dough) - Small dough fryers (deep fat fryers) use 10 mil PTFE Coated Belts that receive the product (typically doughnuts) from a wire mesh belt after they have been removed from the deep fat fryer. The product then receives a sugar-based coating.

Open Flame Cooking - During open flame cooking of products such as piadina bread, conveyor belts travel over steel platens with open gas flame underneath the metalplate. This creates an uneven cooking method that leaves the product with the appearance of being cooked in a traditional oven. These systems often run on a sequential face system which flips the product over as it passes through the machine to cook both sides.

Press Baking - Tortilla, Ethnic Breads, and Pizza Crusts are often baked in ovens that carry the product to a press area on a conveyor belt. Here, the heat platen is applied, simultaneously pressing and cooking the product to its desired thickness, temperature and texture. Different ovens require different combinations of belt and fabric grades, thicknesses, joints and edging. In many cases, 10 mil PTFE Coated Fabric is used with metallic shims. Joints are normally castellated aramid with a stainless steel pin.